WayneCounty.info front page screenshot

In 2011 I launched 47374.info, a local news and information aggregator for the community where I live. It nicely combines my interests in journalism, civic engagement, technology and community improvement.

Every day a newsletter message goes out to a few hundred subscribers by email, so that they can see the latest information from the previous day all in one place.

Over the years I've added new functionality to it such that it now includes not only what's easily available in RSS feeds but also headlines retrieved from other kinds of online resources, event information (from Facebook, Eventbrite, Google Calendars), newly posted local jobs, weather, emergency alerts, obituaries and more. All of this is pulled in automatically, there's no manual curation on my part.

In December 2021, I rebuilt and rebranded the site as WayneCounty.info.

You can read more about the site and how it works.