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Hi, I'm Chris.

I’m a journalist, publisher, software developer and entrepreneur with experience as a founder and organizational leader. View some of my projects.

I’m working on the intersections of journalism, technology, local news and civic engagement. I also write, consult, invest, speak and more. Learn more about me, or work with me.


I'm a writer, mostly editorial columns, news reporting and the occasional dry humor piece. I've had bylines in publications including McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Strong Towns, the Palladium-Item and Western Wayne News.

Below is the latest from my personal blog. You can also check out my signature blog posts and the rest of my personal blog going back to 1999.

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I also blog elsewhere about journalism and publishing and tech and software:

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These are some recent photos from my travels and other adventures:

Dancing in Starry Night
Don’t Hug Doug
The Scrambler
Fire dancing after dinner
Camping spot
Hazy morning sun in Richmond

You can see more of my photos.