This page has information about different bits of open source software I've written and made available for others to use and improve.

(Over the course of my professional life I've also written a fair amount of software whose source code is not published, either for client projects, internal tools or proprietary systems. And then there's all the system administration scripts and automations I've created over the years that were perfect for one particular situation but almost certainly entirely useless to everyone else.)

You can also read about my approach to building software.


As you'll see from my profile, I've contributed to WordPress core, developed plugins, assisted other WordPress users in the community forums, and both spoken at and helped organize various WordCamps.

I contributed significantly to the set of WP CLI tools collectively called WordPress Import Fixers, which help with the migration and cleanup of content between two WordPress systems or from non-WordPress systems into WordPress.

I published tools for migrating photo collections from Flickr to WordPress.

I've installed, configured, secured and optimized hundreds - maybe thousands - of WordPress sites in my time. I sometimes write about WordPress tips and tricks on my blog.

I've made small contributions to various related projects like VVV, Jetpack, the code powering, other people's WordPress plugins, the Largo framework, the bones starter WordPress theme, and the (deprecated) VIP Quickstart development environment.

WordPress Plugins

I've written a few simple WordPress plugins and have more in progress:

Not published in the plugin repository is a simple plugin that allows you to test Jetpack's Related Posts feature without being connected to the Internet.

In addition to these I'm a contributor to Keyring Social Importers and Simple New Post Emails.