This page has information about different bits of open source software I've written and made available for others to use and improve.

(A lot of the software I create in my work today is for client projects or internal tools at Automattic. I've also written a lot of Perl code that is either unsuitable for release or no longer around: scripts used behind the scenes in system administration and project management, web applications written for clients, and tools that don't apply to the modern Internet.)

WordPress Plugins

I've written a few simple WordPress plugins and have more in progress:


  • I've made small contributions to various projects like VVV, WordPress core, other people's WordPress plugins, the Largo framework, a SmartThings Alfred recipe, the bones starter WordPress theme, and the (deprecated) VIP Quickstart development environment.
  • imail2vpopmail: Perl script to ease the transition from the Windows IMail server to qmail and vpopmail
  • My DB_Browser software is no longer available, but was highlighted in the 2001 O'Reilly book Oracle and Open Source
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