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Site Ethics Statement

In my writing on my sites (including, and, I sometimes link to products and services on sites like where any purchases by users following those links may result in an commission payment to me. The net revenue from these payments represents far less than 1% of my total personal income (and is usually close to $0) and so does not influence my editorial decisions in any meaningful way.

I also sometimes accept free products from vendors who want me to review their items, but I will always distinguish between items I've received for free vs. items I've purchased myself in individual posts. I do not accept money or products for my endorsements or otherwise favorable commentary, and I do not accept "sponsored content."

When making substantive modifications to any content posted on these sites, I will always endeavor to include a note indicating when and how the content has been changed. I may make minor changes such as fixing typos and grammar (where the meaning is left unchanged), updating links or adjusting formatting without providing any additional notice.

Comment Guidelines

All comment submissions are moderated and will be published solely at my discretion.

I seek to generate discussion and action that contributes something useful, informative or at least entertaining to the wider world, and I welcome comments from anyone who wants to be a part of that even if they disagree with what’s written here. That said, there are plenty of places on the Internet where someone can share their commentary and responses to my writings, and so I feel no obligation to publish on my own site comments that are mean-spirited, abusive, use personal attacks, or that otherwise seem aimed at disrupting dialog instead of adding to it.