From 2014 to 2019 I worked at Automattic, the company behind and lots of other cool WordPress-related tools and services.

I spent about half of my time at the company on the VIP team, providing engineering consulting and support to some of the biggest names on the web. I spent the second half of my time on the Special Projects team, where I provided software development, consulting and support services to high-profile people and organizations who were showcasing the power of WordPress. Some of my clients across roles included Microsoft, Facebook, TED, the Democratic National Committee, March For Our Lives, Women Talk Design, USA Today, Seth Godin, General Ann Dunwoody, Hasan Minhaj, Joel Spolsky, TIME, Quartz and The On Being Project.

Across both teams I served in a variety of leadership roles where I was responsible for hiring, coaching, development and evaluation of team members as well as leading the creation and refinement of team processes and tools that helped us improve and scale our work.

I remain an investor in privately held company stock.