Distributed Coach

In May 2020 I began offering consulting, training and facilitation services around helping leadership of teams and organizations making the shift to distributed/remote work.

I spent the better part of six years building and leading fully distributed teams at a global technology company that has pioneered distributed work since its founding in 2005. With 1,000+ people spread across timezones around the world, we successfully created, launched and supported tools and projects at scale for some of the biggest names on the web. But before that, I also co-founded and led a company that was designed to have everyone work in the same office at the same time, and eventually wrestled through our own ups and downs of transitioning to a more remote structure. I’ve seen both models up close, and I know from experience what works and what doesn’t work.

While I've officially wound down my consulting offering under the "Distributed Coach" name, it's still an area where I'm available to help. Learn more about working with me.