Instant Indoor Garden

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I've just concluded my adventure of getting a seed-starting area set up at my house. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while, but I think the combination of missing the crops at Elkhorn Ranch as spring approaches, paying an arm and a leg for a few withered basil leaves at the grocery the other day, and seeing Hopi's setup inspired me into action. A few hours at my local home improvement superstore, a few hours putting up the table and equipment, and a bit of cursing later, I'm ready to get my garden going. (I have issues with instant gratification - I could have bought the equipment tonight, gone to bed at a reasonable hour, and installed it tomorrow, but no...) Now there's just that whole "not murdering the plants" part to worry about.

One thought on “Instant Indoor Garden

  1. And the Great Fairview Tomato Race is away!

    Who will win this years bragging rights for the biggest, reddest, most succulent Tomato? Will it be Hopi the hawkish harvest maiden, or Chris the hale and hardy field hand?

    Stay tuned to find out...

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