Trying out ads in my weblog

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You may or may not notice that I've incorporated some Google Ads into my weblog. It's my unabashed attempt to make whatever moo-lah I can off of this exercise in public writing (which does not, for what it's worth, have moo-lah generation as a primary goal). I'm not sure if I'll keep the ads: the concept in general already grates against my sense that there's too much advertising on your average website, and because of my affiliation with a certain company that does webhosting, it's not like I'm trying to cover any expenses of having the thing online at all. And yet, I haven't yet felt the need to take such a principled stand that I can ignore the allure of 5 minutes of HTML rearranging work translating into some level of income that wasn't there before. In any case, if they offend your (and here I am addressing the imaginary person who reads these ramblings with regularity because they are just SO inspiring) sensibilities, please let me know. Conversely, if you enjoy this stuff and want to cheer me on - financially or otherwise - I'll appreciate that feedback too!

2 thoughts on “Trying out ads in my weblog

  1. I'm not sure how much revenue they generate. I have never clicked on one before. If anything, they can become an interesting amusement, just seeing what Google's little script generates (like in reading this post, I get 3 adds for smiley faces. I have no idea what they are, but it is interesting nonetheless).

    I'd be interested in seeing what kind of $ you generate out of this, if you do not mind sharing that info down the road.

    If I ran a site focused on some type of commodity (like books, movies, or tech gadgets), I could see the ads returning something. But as I run a site focused on legal issues, I could never turn over content control to something as seemingly random as Google's service.

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