Hats off to local restauranteurs

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I was glad to see today's coverage of a local restaurant owner who has made an investment in this community.

[Paul] Brittenham opened the restaurant with his brother-in-law -- Lee Schwegman, thus the name -- in 1948 after surviving the attack on Pearl Harbor and five years in the army during World War II. He has kept the ham and eggs and coffee coming and the customers moving on ever since then. But Thursday was his last day behind the counter. Brittenham is hanging up his spatula and retiring at 89.

It's worth noting too that today is the 15th anniversary of the opening of Tom's New York Deli, a frequent Uptown lunch spot for some Summersault staff and a place we love to take visitors. Owner Tom Amyx and his staff have always treated us well since our early days of starting up our own business in the business district, and I'm so glad that they continue to survive in the face of chain restaurants and fast food.

Here's to local restauranteurs!

2 thoughts on “Hats off to local restauranteurs

  1. I've never been to the Paulee Diner, but I know several people who have gone there for years. When I first came to Richmond over 20 years ago, I found Alsop's Grill run by Floyd and Phyllis Alsop since the mid 40's when Floyd got out of the military. I went there several times a week all the way up to the point when the Alsop's sold the "Main Street Diner."

    I bring it up because folks might not have noticed that Floyd passed away November 8th of this year.

    I think we passed another local business landmark this week with the sale of Rosas by Bob Rosa.

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