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This post is more than 3 years old.

Kelly and I had the great opportunity to spend the last few weeks living in Washington, D.C. and exploring the surrounding region. Some photos and a few observations follow:

We were fortunate to have friends with a space near Georgetown that wasn't in use, so we set up a temporary home there. We were in a great neighborhood with friendly people, cute houses and a sprawling community garden:

Georgetown Street

Community Gardens

This included a temporary office for me as I started my new job:

Temporary Office

We had some fun nights out on the town, including one to celebrate our wedding anniversary three years ago this month.

Anniversary Dinner

Fado in Chinatown

Sequoia on Washington Harbor

Chris by the Potomac

Kelly by the Potomac

Of course, we made time for some of the usual tourist attractions, including wandering the National Mall, sitting in the Supreme Court courtroom, looking at old books in the Library of Congress, taking in museums, and checking out some of the amazing monuments:

White House Lawn

Capitol with Message Bearers

Supreme Court Steps

Library of Congress Reading Room

Lincoln Memorial Column

But I think some of our favorite parts were exploring the different neighborhoods and more intimate spaces around town; we sat in Dupont Circle, watched live music in Adams Morgan, biked and walked in Rock Creek Park, attended a book launch at Politics & Prose, visited the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill, and had happy hour with a CIA agent in the bar where JFK proposed to Jackie.

Dupont Circle

Kelly at Eastern Market

Politics and Prose Lecture

And of course we ate really good food - French, Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, seafood and more. Somehow most of my photos were focused on the pizza - be careful if you order a "jumbo slice" in Adams Morgan:

Bethany Beach Dinner

Pizza at 2Amys

"One slice of pizza"

You can view my full set of posted photos on Flickr.

Thanks to the people who helped make it such a great stay. Especially for Kelly - who explored even more while I was working - but certainly for both of us, it was a highlight to connect with family and friends in the area and to experience the city a bit beyond tourism. We'll be back.

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