9 thoughts on “Fatherhood

  1. Thank you!!! Your reflections on fatherhood are wonderful--- tender & thoughtful. David & I send you and Kelly bountiful Blessings on your journey .... You will be fabulous parents. Happy Father's Day!!

  2. Hello Chris and Kelly,
    I am so excited for both of you as you embark on this new adventure! It will be a wild ride, but oh, so very worth it! Congratulations and many blessings as you prepare your hearts and minds for this child. He or she will certainly be blessed as well! Keep us posted through the process so we can know what to pray for. My love to your dear Kelly!
    Michelle Toburen

  3. I was just wondering yesterday how your journey to parenthood was going. Good luck! Carolyn, Rufus, and I are willing and wishing you well along the path, and thinking of you and Kelly.

  4. Congrats Chris!
    You always write such thoughtful post. I enjoy your perspective so much. I will say that I laughed out loud at the "don't worry this won't turn into a parenting blog". Because if you are anything like other fathers I know in small circles. It will indeed become a small blog. Here's why. Babies are magical creatures that take over our hearts and minds and make you full of love. And the next thing you know. You are blogging about that magic. That love. Go forward. There is always room for one more! Enjoy every moment of it!

  5. This is one of the three, most wonderful experiences that you will experience. Congratulations.

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