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(In a future post I'll discuss this list and where it fits into my own experience of writing and blogging. For now, I give you a partial list of blogging insecurities as collected from many conversations over the years about what keeps us from hitting "Publish" - please comment to add others you've encountered.)

What if my words doesn't make sense?

What if someone else has already written a better post about this topic?

What if my post is too long?

What if my post is too short?

What if the moment has passed?

Should I update or replace my WordPress theme before writing this?

My TTFB seems high, maybe I should fix that before publishing?

Maybe I need a new keyboard that will help me write better?

What if there's some more important use of my time?

What if I'm not meant to be a writer?

What if I offend someone with my views?

What if I don't challenge or provoke any useful conversation with my views?

What if this post is too personal?

What if this post is too generic?

What if I come across as a know-it-all?

What if I'm missing an important point of view?

What if I forget to check my privilege?

What if I start writing the post but don't have time to finish?

What if I start blogging again but can't stay with it? Maybe I shouldn't start again until I really have the time?

What if I didn't get the right photo to go with this post?

Maybe I can just say what I mean in a tweet instead?

What if I don't get any comments or feedback at all?

What if I publish the post at the wrong day or time of day and no one looks at it?

What if my Twitter followers don't like this post as much as my Facebook friends, or vice versa?

What if this post belongs on some other site?

What if blogging is dead? Maybe I should start a podcast instead? Or a YouTube channel? Hmm, I wonder what's happening on Facebook. My screen needs cleaning. And I should probably take the dog out.

What if I should just go to bed and sleep on it?


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