4th of July ruined again: can't go to Bahrain

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The U.S. State Department is issuing a warning cautioning Americans against traveling to Bahrain for fear of terrorist attacks, which means that once again my 4th of July plans for this weekend have been completely messed up. I guess they don't really understand that some people made plans a long time ago to visit various Persian Gulf nations, and that an advisory on the Friday before a big travel weekend just doesn't cut it. Dagnabbit!

One thought on “4th of July ruined again: can't go to Bahrain

  1. Man-o-man thats tuff luck. I bet whatever fireworks Osama had planned for your visit would have been a damn sight more interesting than the local municipal show.

    Heck - im surprised fireworks are even legal in the US - a person could....

    nevermind - I wouldnt your site to end up on some NSA watch list.


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