Letters from friends in D.C.

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I got two nice letters in the mail today, one from President Bush, another from John Kerry. Apparently, both of them are interested in having me be a more active part of their lives, and I was heartened by their efforts at reaching out. George invited me to have dinner with him in Washington, which I thought was a nice gesture. I did have some questions about where we might eat though, since he seemed to think it would cost around $2,500 per person. I haven't eaten out in D.C. in a while but my sense is that we could probably find a KFC or something that's a little cheaper. I guess George really wants a night on the town! John's letter was sort of weird too, he sort of rambled on about a bunch of current events and political issues, but didn't really give me an update on how he and Theresa are doing or when we might take that fishing trip we've been talking about. He did ask for money, and while I'm always happy to help John out of a rut, I wish he'd be more specific about how much he needs and what he needs it for, instead of all these checkboxes for "$50" all the way up to "$250". John's such a character.

It's always good to get letters in the mail from friends wanting to catch up...

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  1. My suggestion would be to take them both out on the town and hit up some ethnic restaurants... maybe have Iranian, Iraqi, and Korean (among others) cuisine all in the same night! Then George would be happy at besting the Axis of Evil Food. Meanwhile, John would be thrilled at being able to say he'd had dinner with a foreign leader (General Tso is a foreign leader, right?)

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