A Trip to Madison

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Desperate for some sort of vacation and lacking anything formally planned (where has the year gone?) the stars aligned in such a way that I took a trip last week to Madison, Wisconsin. It ended up being quite a great place to visit on summer vacation - thanks to a little pre-visit Googling and my awesome tour guide, Dayna (thanks!). I experienced quite a range of destinations: ethnic food of all sorts, a vibrant and amazing farmer's market, touring the University campus and amazing capitol building, biking around downtown and along the Lakes, visiting progressive co-ops and bookstores, and visiting the pocket of friends living there who I never think to visit. And I still got a good amount of laying around done, too. It wasn't quite a beach vacation, but I do believe Madison is one of my new favorite places in the Midwest, and I'm grateful to have had such a great, restful time there.

2 thoughts on “A Trip to Madison

  1. Hey Chris,

    Glad you had a good time in Madison, I'm a bit jealous to tell the truth. Apologies for never returning your email regarding things to do on your trip, but it sounds as though you did all the things I would have suggested anyway!

    Though I've never lived in Madison, I definitely keep it in the back of my mind as a place I might settle down someday. It has always struck me as a well-balanced place, spatially and culturally, (and there's lots of attractive women everywhere you turn!)

    Hope all is well in Richmond these days. I'm recouperating from a bout of Lyme Disease. Nasty shit, lemme tell ya. Then I figured since I was feeling so good, I really ought to make the most of my new-found health, and I went and broke my toe!

    Happy Trails!


  2. Nice- I like that town too - i'd say the rival in teh mid west is Ann Arbor but madison has the lakes and a nicer campus.

    I'm just going to assume that you sampled plenty of their damn fine ice cream and cheese....

    mmmm...cheese and ice cream.....(we dont get much of that here...)


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