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A few quick notes: 1) As promised, I've completed the transition to having all my photos hosted at my Flickr account, so feel free to browse around there. 2) I've posted a short little poem I wrote some time ago, but felt compelled to add to the site now. 3) I believe it's safe to say that The Review of Indiana Blogs has suffered and possibly expired at the hands of its own (perhaps unanticipated) scope - no real substantive entries since mid-October, a few links breaking, and no word from the maintainer. 4) I can't really talk, though - I've been working on several posts but none of them have made it out the door yet, and that developed into a more intentional hiatus from blog posting (if you can call two weeks a hiatus). But I'll be back soon with all sorts of self-indulgent musings. Until then, check out my favorite website after which Summersault models all its work, Zombo dot com. And as the recently spray-painted words of wisdom in the alley behind our office say, "fall in love, not in line."

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