E-mail messages I delete without reading

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Life's too short. E-mail messages I tend to delete without reading (other than obvious spam):

  • Messages with a blank subject line
  • Messages with a blank body, with only a mysterious attachment that's supposed to explain everything when I open it
  • Pretty much anything from Network Solutions / Verisign
  • Anything that asks me to forward it to 11 of my friends for good luck
  • Messages that start out by declaring that "this is not spam"
  • Messages with more than three (3) consecutively-placed exclamation points in the subject line or greeting

What about you?

4 thoughts on “E-mail messages I delete without reading

  1. @Kelly: Oh, my. Well, I suppose I deserved that. And I guess I should expect that kind of talk from a Hotmail user. They're all so...well, you know!

  2. I delete almost anything I get from my old Virginia Tech email address, since I don't expect anyone "real" actually uses that address anymore. Not even the college.

    Other than that I don't really have much of a problem with emails not worth reading.Gmail does a pretty good job of filtering out junk, and I'm fortunate that most of my contacts aren't hooked on forwarding junk mail to me. I do have one old acquaintance who does so and yes ... his emails are often deleted before I even open them.

  3. I delete everything from my evangelical racquetball friend that isn't sorted to my racquetball folder (sender/title = rball of some sort). Never even flinched, thinking I was missing something worthwhile...

    Dude was actually pained when I asked him to stop spamming me with endless jokester slop. He did comply for awhile, alas...

    My basic principal: If I know you, and it's your words or work (pic, vid, etc), then I want to see it! Else, like jokespam endlessly forwarded - DELETE.


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