Would you like to own Tom's New York Deli?

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Tom Amyx is giving away the business he spent the last 20 years of his life building.

This morning when I spoke with Tom, the owner of Tom's New York Deli here in Richmond, he talked of troubling health issues and financial factors in his decision, but he seemed as energetic and excited as ever.  He opened the restaurant in December of 1991 and it's been a fixture on Main Street in the downtown business district ever since.  Professionals, passers-through, families and sports teams alike frequent the establishment, which is known for its great sandwiches, corny jokes and extensive collection of local and national memorabilia.

But as he looks toward the next phase of his own life, instead of trying to sell the small restaurant to the highest bidder, or close it down altogether, he's ready to give it away to the person who would bring the best vision for its future.

It's all a part of Tom's desire to see the small business culture in the downtown area thrive in the face of a new economic reality.  If he can find someone with a little bit of money and a lot of energy, he'd rather see them spend that money on making the Deli even better, instead of financing the sale in the first place.  And in the meantime, the Deli will keep operating as usual.

Are you interested in owning and running a quirky little deli in a small town in the Midwest?  Tom's taking applications, but he's not just looking for an impressive resume; he'll be looking for the person with the best plan and passion to build on what he's already started.

Tom Amyx, Tom's New York Deli
820 East Main Street
Richmond, IN 47374
(765) 962-4441

4 thoughts on “Would you like to own Tom's New York Deli?

  1. What a great idea! I love the idea of passing his business along to someone with passion and vision, definitely a bold move and one I hope turns out wonderfully.

  2. Wow...it could be New York Deli and coffee....get some wifi (downtown wifi work?)...set up along one wall a counter for laptops, add an espresso machine to the food line up and good to go. Oh, and add some comfy couches.

    Anyone want to fund this vision for me?

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