Remembering Bob Rosa

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I heard the sad news this morning that Bob Rosa, retired local businessman and community builder, has died in a car wreck, and that his wife is hurt and at the hospital.

I didn't know Bob very well personally, but had the honor to serve with him on a local board, and had the chance to see his passion for making this community a better place at work. My understanding is that Bob gave openly of his time, money and spirit to the causes he believed in, impressively modeling an engagement with Richmond's core needs.

I hope that our community can honor his legacy well, and support his wife Jane in her grieving and healing.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Bob Rosa

  1. To honor Bob Rosa, and his love for Old Glory. Maybe we could honor him June 14th, Flag Day. I think he'd love that.

  2. Thanks for post, Chris. Bob was a great person, an active philanthropist, and a tremendous asset to our community. The Rosa Family has been through a rough few years and I wish them comfort and peace at this time.

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