Quarter Barrel Brewery & Pub in Oxford Ohio

This post is more than 3 years old.

Last night we had a great experience with some friends at the Quarter Barrel Brewery & Pub down the road in Oxford, OH.

The place has apparently been open only a few months after some Miami University alums decided to pursue their vision for a local brewpub, and it already seems to be one of the most popular dining destinations in town.

Featuring an in-house brewery (their own craft beers go on tap next weekend), free wi-fi, an upscale casual environment, lunch and coffeeshop offerings during the day, books for sale sprinkled around the walls, a very attentive and engaged staff and a cozy floor-plan, we felt pretty far away from the typical restaurant scene in the area - a nice change of pace!

The menu is varied and wonderful - ratatouille, steak, edamame, etc. - but if you're going for the first time, you really have only one choice based on our experience and other reviews: the Lavash flatbread pizza-like dishes were AMAZING.  With three different types (Spinach and artichoke with melted mozzarella / Bacon, ham, and tomatoes with cheddar and mozzarella / Roasted vegetables with Swiss and mozzarella) and beautiful presentation, it was a great meal to share around.

The Quarter Barrel is open Monday-Thursday 8 AM - 12 AM and Friday/Saturday 8 AM to 1 AM.

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