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I don't like worrying about losing my wallet. I don't really carry anything of great significance in it...little or no cash, some ID, and a few credit cards. But in the past I also knew that if I lost it or if it was stollen, I'd spend some anxious time trying to remember exactly what was in it, and then even more time searching around for the right phone number to call to get things canceled and replaced.

And it felt like there were more important things to worry about.

Ever since I started using 1Password, I don't worry about this as much any more.

For each item in my wallet right now (or that I might ever carry in my wallet), I have a corresponding 1Password entry with all of its details. For a credit card, I have the card number, expiration date, verification number, issuing bank, toll free and international phone numbers to call for help - these are all standard fields that 1Password helps you set up by default.

I also record where the card is used for any recurring charges or digital payment services. When a card number or expiration date changes, I can go through and update the card info on any services storing that data, and avoid missed payments.

And then I tag the item with inwallet, which includes it on an easy to view list of the entire contents of my wallet (seen by clicking on the 1Password tag view for the inwallet tag). If I were to lose the wallet, I could quickly visit that tag view on a device where my 1Password data lives, and then go through the phone numbers one at a time to cancel/replace each item.

Finally, I set up a monthly reminder for myself to update the list of items tagged as being in my wallet, and to make sure the phone numbers are correct for any newer items. I also make sure to update this information right before any major travel.

I still don't like the thought of losing my wallet or having it stolen, but with 1Password I feel more secure in thinking of how I'd deal with it when it happens.

Now, cue the jokes about preparing to have my 1Password data stolen.


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2 thoughts on “Preparing to have my wallet stolen

  1. I do the exact same thing with 1password. I even take photographs of the most important ones (like a driver's license) so I could show that if necessary. I'm still nervous about losing my wallet though...

  2. This is an excellent idea Chris, and something I'm now going to do.

    And for those of us who use LastPass (raises hand) they have a 'Secure Notes' section in which you can do the same.

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