7 thoughts on “Losing my parents

  1. Deepest Thank You, Chris. Your very personal, tender story is a huge gift. Your memories of your father and mother are love-full. Your reflections about grief are powerful --- they both inform and support all of us who experience loss. Bountiful Blessings and Love to you as you cherish & express Love.

  2. Thank you, Chris, for sharing your thoughts and your feelings. Your writing was extremely personal, yet offered some truths that will connect with the experiences of others. May the writing of this be a balm for your soul in the moments, days, years to come.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, Chris--what a moving and tender testament. I wish you sunny days, friend, with a full heart.

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful reflections. How short life is and how ill-equipped we feel at the losses of those closest to us. You were well loved by your parents and are now loved with your remaining close and extended family. It takes a village. Sometimes one we create. And that’s ok too.

    Love, missing her my way. Tricia

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