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I've launched a new blog where I'll be posting most all of my future technical writing about technology, software and hardware including release announcements and code examples from my various personal projects, reviews of gadgets and services I use, how-to articles and more. If you'd like to know about new posts there, you can subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up for email notifications.

The latest post is about a new WordPress plugin I released today to help consultants, counselors, wellness professionals, attorneys and others who need to sell access to their time online.

Even though a best practice for blogging in general has always been to find a niche or subject area focus and stick to it, I resisted that for a long time with this main personal blog because I wanted it to encompass all of the various things I think about and work on. In the early days of blogging, I found my audience didn't mind too much that I would post one day about something technical and the next day about something personal and non-technical and the next day about something very specific to my local community; it was easy to hit "next" in their RSS feed reader and move on if they weren't interested in the subject.

More recently I've come around to the idea that it's useful to break things out a little bit more, especially if there are recurring themes and topics I want to explore and build on over time. It helps a reader who might encounter my writing about one of those topics know what they're going to get if they subscribe for more. It helps me get over any reluctance to "just publish and put it out there" because of concern that I'm putting something in the "wrong" place or that I'll bore somebody who came for the politics or parenting antics and won't care too much about the PHP code snippets.

Further, as the role of RSS feed readers has largely been unfortunately and inadequately replaced by people either just randomly clicking on what goes by in their social media feed or carefully curating who they allow into their email inbox with new content notifications, I'm guessing I have to be a little more intentional about where I publish and how I get people to care enough to come back in the future.

Spinning off a separate blog worked well for my writing about the city I live in, and for sharing my photos, so I think it will work well for this set of geeky topics too. I find myself working on lots of different software and tech-related projects in recent months, most all of them just for the personal fun of it, so I know I'll get some joy out of sharing a little more freely about what I'm learning and building, in a space that's set up for just that.

My personal blog (now over 21 years old!) will continue to cover a wide-ranging collection of topics, still including at times technology and software. If you're someone who wants to keep up with what I'm thinking about, working on or wrestling with, I hope you'll stick around and even leave a comment now and then. And if you're someone who likes to geek out on technical details, I'll see you over at the new spot.

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