Visioning questions for web development

This post is a list of all the questions that I and my team would try to get our clients to answer (in some form or another) during our early conversations about a website development project at Summersault. I'm dumping them out here in case they might be useful to others.

Every project is different, but if you're planning a new website and/or are considering hiring someone else to help you with that work, you'll probably give everyone a head start by having these questions answered:

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A Plan for Richmond

A recent editorial in the Palladium-Item again called for candidates in this City election to provide more detail about the specific changes and tasks we will take on if elected to improve City finances and the community as a whole.

I feel confident that in my own campaign I've provided a thorough look at how I would approach my role as a member of City Council.  I've posted a consolidated list of my views on a number of issues facing the community, I've continued to post updates and more thorough commentary on the topics that have emerged in this election, and part of my history in this community as a volunteer is some extensive writings on my personal website about Richmond and our approach to governance and community building.

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Chris and Kelly have slightly different approaches to packing for international travel.

Kelly is an experienced international traveler, which means that she will probably casually throw a few things in a bag as we walk out the door to go to the airport.  Somehow everything will just fit fine in her luggage and everything she needs will be there or will be magically brought to her by travel fairies along the way.

I, on the other hand, haven't traveled much outside the country in a while, and that in combination with my general engineering approach to life's challenges means that I've been planning my packing for a while in advance of this trip.  Like, weeks and months. Like, I have a room in my house dedicated to the arrangement and assembly of my trip stuff.

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Our Itinerary

As with any good trip, our itinerary for our time in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands is partly set and partly open-ended.

We've secured the services of a private trip planner in the form of the Lonely Planet book about Ecuador, and it's already proved to be indispensable for looking at our options.  (Kelly cringes here because OF COURSE you use the Lonely Planet guide, there's no other way to plan a trip...)  Our hope is to get a good mix of time in sunshine out on the ocean by the equator, time hiking through the mountains and the cloud forests, and time interacting with locals in cities and towns.

So, here's what we know right now:

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