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As with any good trip, our itinerary for our time in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands is partly set and partly open-ended.

We've secured the services of a private trip planner in the form of the Lonely Planet book about Ecuador, and it's already proved to be indispensable for looking at our options.  (Kelly cringes here because OF COURSE you use the Lonely Planet guide, there's no other way to plan a trip...)  Our hope is to get a good mix of time in sunshine out on the ocean by the equator, time hiking through the mountains and the cloud forests, and time interacting with locals in cities and towns.

So, here's what we know right now:

  • We're flying into Quito on Wednesday, May 12th
  • Thursday May 13th, we're hoping to head out to the cloud forests in Mindo, a few hours Northwest of Quito
  • After returning from Mindo, we'll get on a plane to the Galapagos Islands.
  • We'll spend the next 7 days sleeping and eating on a boat that will serve as home base for exploring the islands.
  • Once we're back in Quito, we hope to head south to do some hiking, biking, and exploring in Latacunga, the Quilotoa Loop, Banos and Puyo.
  • We return to the US on Sunday, May 30th.

It will definitely be a full and amazing two and a half weeks!

If you know of any particular destinations we should try to check out, please let us know.

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