I'm negative AND out of a job

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(Please note, because of the time that has passed since I wrote this article, it may no longer reflect my current views or the most accurate and complete information available on this subject.)

My friends Glen and Donna Lawrence have teamed up to help me to come to an important and tragic realization: that I'll never be able to get a job at the new Frisch's Big Boy planned for location here in Richmond. You know, the one I pledged never to visit. Worse, my FAMILY won't ever be able to work there! WHAT HAVE I DONE? I didn't realize that boycotts can work in reverse!? I have crippled my children and my children's children, and all those of the 319 other people (to date) who have made the same pledge! I had dreams!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anticipating that there will be other similar responses, I promise not to blog about each one.)

One thought on “I'm negative AND out of a job

  1. Someone recently asked me if this post was making fun of or talking down about people who work at Frisch's Big Boy. The answer is, "not at all!" I just found it hard to resist commenting on the implication that I might want to be employed at a location that I had otherwise taken a pledge not to visit. Though we all could have probably done without my smart mouth, no disrespect was intended toward any Frisch's employee or any food service personnel anywhere.

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