That's odd

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I tend to have better odd numbered years than even numbered years. But something is wrong with 2007. It's not living up to the pattern so far.

Perhaps, and this is just a wild theory here, my fate is determined by more than the digits assigned to a particular sequence of seasons on the Gregorian calendar.'s actually up to me?

5 thoughts on “That's odd

  1. Brian: yes, I suppose so, though there are many valuable life lessons one can find in even the worst Star Trek movie.

    For example, as Star Trek Nemesis taught us, it's very important to backup your Data.

  2. i'm sorry 2006 was such a let-down! since it's probably up to you, what do you intend to do to make tomorrow a good day?

  3. Hey, the freeloaders, malcontents and dream distorters finally abandoned their squat in your house. Can't be all that bad...

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