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Brushed With OilAnother stop along the journey of trying to organize all the information in my life, without adding complexity:

I've been ignoring for a while now. I've seen little icons for it popping up on weblogs I read, seen references to it in articles on software and productivity (including one on my own company's weblog), and heard people using it in everyday conversation. But I really didn't understand it, or what it really did, or why anyone would use it. (Plus, it seems like a waste of a perfectly good domain name,

I'm still not sure I do, even after reading the site's own description of what it's for. This is a strange and disorienting place to be for someone whose job it is to have my finger on the pulse of web tech trends. But I'm trying out using it anway, and you can see my Chris Hardie page at I guess it's just a list of web pages I've marked people in my "network"? the world? see, with various keywords associated so that I can...have keywords. Ummm, yeah, I think that's it. I kind of like it, but I don't know why.

Do you use How? Why?

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  1. I like to see what's "interesting" on I have one but I don't use it myself. Many of my bloggy friends use it as a link-rotating-rss thingy -- like a side-blog.

  2. I use to mark interesting articles or websites I see when I'm surfing the web. I have a list of them in my blog, and some of my friends subscribe to my feed to see what I am up to. I also use it see what others are looking at online. It is a great way to get information you might not otherwise run across.

  3. The Firefox Add-On is an essential companion. It means I just push the tag button on a page I like.

    Tagging a page on is a bit like voting for it, the extra link rises the visibility a bit to other users and search engines.

    Sometimes I tag a page to save it, sometimes I tag a page to vote for it.

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