Links, and what I'm thinking about

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I haven't had the chance to blog lately, but here are some bits and pieces to chew on. First, some links:

Some topics I'm thinking about, and may eventually blog about:

  • The possibilities and problems of pacifism, from a primitivist perspective
  • Even though complex relationships bring joy, how do we navigate the complicated privacy and sensitivity issues that come up when we wear multiple hats, and even sometimes have competing internal agendas?
  • How to talk usefully about peak oil and relocalization with those who haven't encountered the concepts before, and who might be personally resistant to exploring them further?
  • Where we could set up a Flash Mob event in Richmond?
  • Psalm 40:1-3
  • The over-saturation of "green" messages, products and events.
  • The cultural and economic advantages of having community and retail spaces that take advantage of "swerve," compared to single-destination lifestyles

How about you...what's on your mind?

One thought on “Links, and what I'm thinking about

  1. Found your comments and links interesting! Loved the link to the Artist Consortium! I look forward to reading more blog entries, am especially interested in the flash mob concept, and where in Richmond might be feasible.

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