6 thoughts on “Our fears around sustainable living

  1. People may have their fears / preoccupations / hesitations about making steps to live sustainably, but I think the real question should be: "How can we take steps to get as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the sustainable ideal" rather than "I can't live 100% sustainably, so instead I'm going to continue to drive my SUV to Wal-Mart so I can buy Doritos and the latest Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD"

    There are many *little* things we can ALL do that help -- small changes in diet, consolidating trips into town, being aware of the amount of garbage we produce.

    The PathToFreedom family out in California is a very idealized setup, but they also own almost an acre of land and live in a climate where it's sunny nearly the whole year.

    Not everyone can afford solar panels, but we can all spend $5 to buy reusable grocery bags. We don't all have time to garden (although, would it kill you to try? 🙂 ) but we can spend 10 extra minutes to drive to one of the local farmer's markets to buy our produce (it's MUCH cheaper there anyways).

    We Americans need to quit being such big babies -- we live very comfortably and we all need to accept that if we don't make some concessions now, we will have to make many concessions later. [End of chapter 1]

  2. Thanks, Aaron. I appreciate your interest in exploring the question of "what can we do?" and I think it's an important question to answer.

    Still, I'm not sure it's as simple as "quit being such big babies" when it comes to addressing the fears that people have about possible lifestyle changes. You may have made the connection that voluntary changes now can lead to fewer involuntary changes later, but there are many people who have not. There are a lot of ways to have that conversation and make those connections, but that doesn't make the fears we bring any less real.

    So, maybe all of that is to say that I think your comment applies to a different conversation than the one I was trying to start with my original post. 🙂 Thanks for participating, though.


  3. Further, to what extent are those fears justified?

    Surely not every idea is worth exploring, and surely some fears of exploring certain ideas are justified.

  4. hmmm Chris, you seem to have covered a majority of the fears I can think of in relation to sustainability. I do personally also struggle with the fear of being misunderstood or even worse ostracized by friends and family who don't understand or agree.

  5. 18: Do I have to live with (and trust) other people?


    It's gonna be really hard to delve constructively into those fears - without first understanding (or acknowledging) our complex interdependence with the living world. But you know that...


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