6 thoughts on “5 Business Values I Learned Via Earlham College

  1. Chris:

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts and presenting them so articulately. I can say "ditto" and "me, too!" "me, too!", not because I had an Earlham education (although my eleven years could count; I hope I NEVER graduate!), but because I have had the opportunity to observe and spend time with people like you.

    Continued best wishes to you!

  2. I think the single most important thing anyone can remember and practice is treating customers with dignity and respect and not losing site of what great customer service represents. When you turn customer service into just another opportunity to create a hard sell, you crete a poor impression of your business in the mind of the customer.

  3. Chris,

    Thanks for posting this! I will most likely print and hand out to students in our Business & Nonprofit Management program!

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