Feedback results, a new year of blogging

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I HappyWelcome to my first blog post of 2010.  I didn't expect that my hiatus would be over a month long, but here I am in mid-January.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to complete my blog feedback survey at the end of 2009 - it was really helpful in understanding how my regular readers see the blog.  From the responses I received, here are the highlights:

  • 60% of you read most of the posts here, and 40% always read the full posts.
  • Most of you find out about blog updates from Twitter or Facebook, and the rest use RSS feeds or just visit my website directly.
  • Most of you think the blog is either very (or at least more than moderately) interesting and useful.
  • You seem to like the variety of my blog topic areas, but "technology and internet stuff" came out on top while humor, sustainability issues, and posts about Richmond, IN all came in a close second.
  • You think the design and layout of the blog is generally adequate; only 1 person said it was distracting.
  • The single thing you think I should do to improve my blog is to post more frequently.  After that, you either want me to expand to more topics, or to focus to fewer topics. 🙂
  • At least half of you would like to comment more on what I write, but don't feel like you have time to formulate a response.
  • For most of you, adding sponsorship ads to my site is either not a problem at all, or might be annoying but wouldn't change how you read the blog.
  • Other comments included:
    • "More naughty bits!"
    • "I like your courage in saying what you want to say."
    • "Thanks for keeping it interesting."
    • "I think you should go retro and get a weekly column in the PI."  (I'm open to this.)
    • "It's one of the few blogs I genuinely try to read on a regular basis."
    • "I appreciate that you take a public stance on several important community issues."
    • "Even if I don't agree with the viewpoint of your commentary, I usually come away with the feeling that you have approached the subject from a thoughtful perspective."
    • "I read new entries just about immediately."
    • "I think you have a unique perspective on small business, technology, and alternative means of building community...You have a lot of knowledge AND a vision, which is a great combination."
    • "Keep up the good work."

Thanks again so much for your honesty, and thanks for reading!  (And of course, I welcome feedback any time.)

Now I can announce the winner of the random drawing to win a $25 gift certificate for either any business in the Center City business district in Richmond, Indiana or for

The winner is Aaron Hill! I'd like to post the entirety of Aaron's response upon being notified of his win, since I think it really captures a lot:


Thanks again, Aaron.

Looking forward, I'd like to honor the recurring theme in the feedback I got in that survey and from others: that posting more often about the issues of the day in our community is a good thing.  One of my own personal goals for this year is to do more creative writing, and while my blog can't be my only outlet for that, I hope it's a significant one.

My current target is to post at least three times per week, and at least one substantial entry within those three.  The other entries may be more like a couple of paragraphs and a little less refined, but hopefully still useful and/or interesting enough to keep you tuned in.   I will appreciate any encouragement, reminders or coffee that you want to offer if you see me slipping from that a bit.

Happy 2010.  Here's to a new year of blogging.

One thought on “Feedback results, a new year of blogging

  1. WOOT!

    Thanks again -- I totally didn't expect to win, so this is real cool!

    Posting 3x per week is very ambitious -- I would be happy if you even did once per week regularly. 😀

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