Weekend Raves and Reviews

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A few raves and reviews from the weekend:

On Friday night I had the opportunity to see The Punch Brothers with Chris Thile in concert at Earlham College. As with many of the artists that Earlham brings to town, I hadn't heard of them when I came in, but when I left I was craving more of their work. The event was billed as a mix of "bluegrass, gospel and klezmer," but that hardly does justice to the talent, complexity and variety the group brought to the packed auditorium.  Mandolin player and group convener Chris Thile evoked David Gray, Jeff Buckley and Dave Matthews in his vocal range, honest lyrics and child-like wonder as he danced around the stage - he made it hard not to smile and dance in my seat, and several audience members were moved to call out in praise throughout the show.  It was quite an experience, and based on the quality of the performance I saw and the group's full tour schedule, it looks like they're really going places.

On Saturday evening I had the opportunity to go with my Valentine's Day date (or, Chinese New Year co-celebrant, if you're down on contrived Hallmark holidays) Kelly to the beautifully restored Gennett Mansion for an amazing dining experience prepared by chef extraordinaire Jennifer Ferrell.  I hadn't been in the mansion before and it was really a wonderful glimpse into Richmond's past.  Donna and Bob Geddes were warm, attentive hosts, we had a great time getting to know our fellow dining guests, and the cuisine was outstanding in flavor and presentation.  It was easily the best dining experience out I've ever had in Richmond.  The Gennett Mansion has private dining seatings on Friday evenings, it's worth checking out.

Some other reviews from other sources:

What about you - anything to weigh in on?

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  1. Gee thanks for pimping Matt's blog and the fact that he will write a blog post about his new phone, while ignoring the fact that I, who you see every day, also got a new phone I will be reviewing.


  2. Thanks for the plug/poke, Chris. I'll be writing up and posting a review just as soon as I can stop playing with my new phone/superawesomeamazinglypowerfulyetimpossiblytinymicrocomputer long enough to type it out. (And no, I will not write the post on my Droid, despite it having a WordPress app!)

    Also, nice mobile site! Although, when I tried to post a comment it seemed to throw some kind of server-side error. Oops! Other than that, it looked and worked great on my Droid.

  3. Apparently I miscalculated the impact my minor Droid reference would have. 🙂 Becky, no offense meant, I just figured Matt would be the first to offer a detailed technical review on his blog. But to set the record straight, here are the posts on your precious Droids, in order:

    Aaron Hill's review, Feb 13 @ 7:10 PM

    Becky McKimmy's review, Feb 14 @ 10:47 PM


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