I'm running for office

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I've blogged before about my political aspirations, and now I'm happy to announce that I'm running for a political office.  Earlier today, I filed for candidacy for an At-Large seat on Richmond, Indiana's Common Council.

I've spent much of my time and energy over the last decade of my life investing myself in Richmond in one form or another.  I've written many words in this space about what I see as Richmond's opportunities and challenges, and I've always enjoyed observing the local political scene.  Now, I'm taking my involvement to what I think is the next logical step given my talents and passions.

I don't expect to write much about the campaign here; this blog will continue to be for my personal and unofficial musings on a variety of topics.  I have a campaign website setup, and I've got the twitters and the youtubes and the facebooks all ready for you to liketweet if that's your thing.  If you're interested in the campaign, my positions on various issues affecting the community, and how you can help move Richmond forward, please check it out.  Even a few words of support will mean a lot!

2 thoughts on “I'm running for office

  1. This is wonderful! Congrats and good luck. Are you using this as a jumping point to run for President in 2012 or do you promise to fill out your entire term? 🙂


  2. I wish you a win and
    hope that you can make the
    changes that Richmond
    needs. I hope that you can
    make the other members work for the
    city and not work for the party
    of the person in office.

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