Chris Hardie Announces Council Candidacy

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RICHMOND - Today local business owner and community volunteer Chris Hardie announced his candidacy for Richmond's Common Council At-Large.  Hardie, 33, has extensive experience in community building and a positive vision for the work of the Council.

"I believe that Richmond is capable of great things," Hardie said, "and I'm excited to be a part of a new generation of community leadership that can help make those things happen.  We can no longer afford to be paralyzed by the past and old ways of thinking.  It's time to move forward and I want to lead and join progressive thinking that will make us a more vibrant community."

Hardie, a native of Cincinnati, moved to Richmond in 1995 to attend Earlham College, where he graduated with departmental and college honors in 1999 with a degree in Computer Science. In 1997, Chris co-founded Summersault website development, a technology firm based in Richmond that serves clients both locally and nationally.

His more than 15 years in Richmond and Wayne County have given Chris a strong appreciation of and commitment to the community.  As an Earlham College student, he participated in various community service programs that allowed him to develop an understanding both of Richmond's rich history and its great potential.  As a business owner and home owner here, Chris has become personally engaged in the issues facing residents and other community members from all walks of life.  And as a community volunteer, Chris has continued to devote his time and skills to making Richmond and Wayne County a better place to live and work.

"Whether through my meetings with other local business owners, my volunteering for non-profit boards or through my participation in community planning conversations about economic development and revitalizing our quality of life, I've learned a lot about Richmond's challenges and opportunities in my time here," Hardie said.  "Putting that perspective to use along with my time and talents is a perfect fit for City Council."

Chris Hardie invites members of the community to learn more about him and his campaign at the website

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