2 thoughts on “What would make YOU protest in the streets?

  1. I've attended solidarity protests here in Ithaca (one larger one and a smaller one last night, with an overnight occupation, though I didn't stay overnight). I've been to Zuccotti Park 3 (4?) times, risking arrest by attending a large demonstration in Wash. Square park one of those times and also staying overnight in Zuccotti. We've got a General Assembly here in Ithaca, though I can't attend as often as I'd like.

    I'm *ALREADY* at that point where I'm willing to take it to the streets. I have two little kids that I love very much and I don't want them to grow up in a world where they have to choose between debt slavery (doing what you want / are passionate about / believe in, but being unable to afford a living) and career slavery (doing what other people are willing to pay you for so that you can survive but disliking / not believing in the value of what you're doing).

    Kudos to the person there on the corner for doing it. If I was there, I would join them (her?) on my lunch break. And after work. And any time I was able. If people don't agree with the methodologies of the protesters, but agree with the cause, then protest differently! 🙂

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