3 thoughts on “Without media literacy, is there hope for the media?

  1. Thank you, Chris. As to your final question, reading The Nation helps. It's the oldest continuously published magazine in the U.S.A. (since 1965) and exists because of the support of subscribers and donors. Does it have a point of view? Absolutely. It's unabashedly progressive. But it doesn't engage in group think or propaganda. Kay and I spend five days with The Nation staff and others a month ago and were fed by the intelligence, solid information, and good journalism of the panelists and speakers. I also take notice of David Brooks, Andrew Sullivan, and George Will on the conservative side of the political spectrum. And then, of course, there are Bill Maher and Lewis Black.

    All the best to you, Chris. Wonderful to see your thinking and putting it out there.

    Grace and Peace,

  2. Nice topic Chris! I would like to add this as well. What is important to understand is that media literacy is not about "protecting" kids from unwanted messages. Media are so ingrained in our cultural milieu that even if we turn off the set, we still cannot escape today's media culture. Media no longer just influence our culture. They ARE our culture. Which is kind of sad really...

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