What I've learned in 27 years

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Well, as I celebrate my twenty-seventh year on spaceship Earth, I thought I should acknowledge that milestone here. Last night a friend made me write down some of the lessons/rules of life that I've learned in that time, and they seem worth recording.

  1. Always tell the truth and always seek the truth, no matter what.
  2. Heart comes before mind.
  3. Don't sweat the big stuff or the small stuff. The best outcome will prevail.
  4. Assume that people are acting out of good intentions until they show otherwise.
  5. Make no small plans.
  6. Don't be reckless with other people's lives/hearts/minds/spirits.

There ya go. Words to live by. Well...they're working okay for me, anyway.

2 thoughts on “What I've learned in 27 years

  1. good stuff.


    and maybe the fact that you care enough to do this weblog means you have a seventh rule:

    #7 - stay in touch

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