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I've been doing more and more public speaking over the last few years, and find that it's something I enjoy immensely. There was a time when I was younger when I considered a "career" in it (as a minister, even), despite my introverted nature and the nervous shakes I'd always get right before beginning a talk. I'm still introverted and I still get the shakes once in a while, but I really appreciate opportunities to be a part of group learning and educational sessions, especially when I have something valuable to contribute and/or unique ways of contributing it. Lately I've been getting some good feedback on my approach to these opportunities and my ability to engage an audience; I've also found more and more sessions that fit well with other projects I'm pursuing. So, I've created a page on this site about speaking opportunities and requests, in hopes that it will lead to more of these. If you're involved with a group or event that might benefit from this kind of contribution, please let me know!

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  1. They say introverted people are generally better at public speaking, or at least less nervous about it. I've never felt that nervous talking to large groups (at least relative to other people), but it's been a struggle to feel comfortable talking in small groups.

  2. Speaking in front of small groups can be tougher, because you will likely feel more directly accountable for providing useful info to those in the group, workshop, roundtable, etc. On the other hand, if you are using speaking opportunities to establish relationships with potential customers and partners, smaller groups can represent a great opportunity. You have a better shot at providing valuable advice/information/background to all of those in attendance. You've got to be a better listener with small groups.

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