Switching to Parallax for home broadband

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This is an unabashed plug for Parallax and their high speed wireless Internet access service. I complain enough on this blog about poor customer service experiences, so it's important to me that I document the rare but special times when I have a really positive experience. I'd been using Insight's cable broadband service, which costs $45/month and included somewhere around 3 MBps download and 400Kbps upload (your mileage may vary widely - learn about different connection technologies). It also malfunctioned every time my cat sneezed. Parallax's service is $40/month and includes 1 MBps download and 1 MBps upload (really nice for sending large files out or hosting something). Important: you don't need a wireless card to use this service - your home network can still be wired all the way. And they're local, which has a number of benefits. And they're reliable. And their customer service tends to be excellent. I know these things well since my business depends on them for mission critical network operations every day. So I didn't really know why I'd even waited as long as I had to get setup with their wireless service. (I did call Insight and ask them to make me a better offer...they couldn't.) The Parallax sales rep and installers treated me like a real human being, they worked fast and effectively, and the connection has worked great from day one. Thanks, Parallax, for being a quality local provider of a valued service!

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  1. I was going to write my own post about my satisfaction with Parallax, but I'll just add this "me too" comment here, since Chris has already hit all the highlights.

    My one nitpick is that it wason't easy to find the server to use for outgoing SMTP to use on their website. As I re-read their page on residental broadband now, I don't see any mention of providing e-mail services. I don't personally need an e-mail account with this service, but it is the norm for ISPs to also provide e-mail. This could be clearer on their website.

  2. Parallax actually did offer us e-mail services as a part of the setup, I just declined them and forgot to tell Mark that I'd done that on his behalf. 🙂

  3. A follow up: After cancelling my broadband service with Insight, I got a letter in the mail from them this week welcoming me to Insight broadband. "Our goal every day is to deilver the most advanced products at the best value with first-class customer service...Thank you for your loyalty by choosing Insight as your high-speed Internet provider." Uh-huh. Maybe they just did that to make me feel guilty.

  4. Neil Curry wrote a letter to the editor noting that Insight's service has continued to be poor for him too (sounds like a very similar experience to mine). I also thought I'd mention that I've been receiving letters from Insight asking me to rejoin their high speed Internet service offering for an initially discounted monthly price. I've responded with communications explaining why I left in the first place and asking them to A) address those points or B) stop mailing me. To date they've done neither.

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