Town Hall meeting with Mike Pence

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IMG 0447The "Town Hall meeting" with Congressman Mike Pence this morning at the Leland Residence was fairly well attended (compared to similar such events, not as a function of the district's population) and interesting, I thought. Pence talked about his recent decision not to join the congressional leadership so that he could continue to pursue his ideals and issues (limited government, strong defense, "traditional moral values," etc.), about his two major concerns for the year (deficit reduction and border security) and the "War on Terror." The questions covered giving greater access to passports, whether every child in the country has the right to have healthcare, health insurance costs for small business and how we could change our culture and insurance system, energy concerns and drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, whether being born in the U.S. should give you automatic citizenship, concerns over the abuse of executive privilege related to wiretaps and torture, the federal outlook on highway I-69, and others. As in the past, I appreciated Mr. Pence's time speaking with his constituents, and I admired greatly those who had the initiative to speak and question him. All of my photos from the meeting are here.

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  1. Congressman Mike Pence Named "Man of the Year!"

    Indiana's Sixth District Congressman Mike Pence has been named Man of the Year by the magazine Human Events.

    In making the selection the magazine said, "It has been Pence and his roughly 100 colleagues in the House Republican Study Committee (which Pence helped organize and leads) who have almost single-handedly stopped the chronic GOP overspending of the past five years and forced the first full-fledged budget-cutting bill since 1997."

    In the article announcing the award, Pence described himself as "an unregenerate supply-sider" and "Rush Limbaugh on decaf."

    Pence said, "Ronald Reagan got me into politics. He is my role model."

    Human Events named Reagan Man of the Century in 2000.

    Other annual winners of the award have included President Ronald Reagan, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Justice Antonin Scalia, Justice Clarence Thomas, President George W. Bush, Attorney General John Ashcroft and the 2004 Swift Boat veteran John O'Neil.

    Read Article:

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