Doug, it's time to get up

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Doug, Scott, Brandon and I were all sharing a room at Chicago's Drake hotel while on a weekend school field trip early on in high school. I was having a miserable time for various teen-agey angst reasons I won't go into, and I was tired of being cooped up in our room watching JFK (that is one long movie!). At the same time, I was quite fearful that our chaperones would make good on their threat to send us home early if we were caught even so much as peeking into the hallways after our prescribed curfew, so I remained stationary.

Doug, unfortunately, became the target of my antsy-ness. He had fallen asleep in one of the beds, and as 2 AM rolled around, I suggested to Brandon and Scott that we play a prank on the poor boy. All clocks were set to appear as 6:50 AM, the alarm clock was set for 10 minutes later (our prescribed time to start getting ready to go), the rest of us got into bed, the lights were turned off.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, the alarm went. The three of us laid there trying not to laugh, and Doug eventually started to wake up, hitting the alarm, moaning and bleary-eyed, probably with a strong sense that he hadn't gotten enough sleep. "Doug," I fake-grumbled, "time to get up. You can have the shower first." Doug appreciated this gesture, and went through the motions of getting ready to go. His confused state of mind was exemplified when he poked his head out of the bathroom at one point and said something about seeing a deer in the shower.

Perhaps a less-mean friend would have ended it there, but we took it to the next level, setting all the clocks back to their proper 2 AM-ish time while Doug was in the bathroom, and then complaining about all of the noise he was making when he came out, dressed and ready to go. "Dude, what are you doing, it's like 2 in the morning!"

Doug spent the rest of the night on a chair backed into a corner of the room, sleeping with one eye open, not very happy with any of us. Can't blame him. At least he was clean?

Gah, what a lousy thing to do. Perhaps I can make it up to him somewhat by pointing you to his musical group's website? Why? is a full-fledged, touring, news-making, album producing band whose work is released under anticon. records. Doug is the guy on keyboards and guitars. I always knew he would be a part of some sort of sweet musical venture - you can even watch them on YouTube.

Sorry if I slowed you down any, Doug.

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