Local coffee shop Sacred Grounds closing next week

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070307_123636If you follow the news over at The Richmond Coffee Shop Times, you have probably heard by now that Sacred Grounds is closing at the end of next week. The Summersault staff had a last (or perhaps-second-to-last) hurrah lunch there today, and as the cashier was ringing up the bill I asked what they'd have to tack on to the total to keep the place open: only $20,000. Our credit card's credit limit wouldn't accomodate that, but if any of you have the means, it could be a great way to earn some travel rewards.

The story that's tempting to tell is that the introduction of a Starbucks into the market had a deleterious effect on sales at Sacred Grounds, and that the enterprising owners of the local shop just couldn't keep up with the big nasty national chain. It seems the reality might be more complicated than that, but that doesn't make it any less sad to see a space that promoted good food, live music, long conversations and local culture closing its doors.

And so we take note, keeping score in the comings and goings of these community spaces in our town, always working to make sure that there are more coming than going.

3 thoughts on “Local coffee shop Sacred Grounds closing next week

  1. I wouldn't doubt if the opening of Starbucks had some effect. Starbucks is notorious for deliberately locating new shops very near a thriving locally owned coffee shop in order to siphon off business and ultimately kill the locals. They are, I'll just say it, the Wal-Marts of coffee shops. Maybe there's a double boycott in order here -- a ruinous business on ruined ground.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for posting about the closing of Sacred Grounds. I went there a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it. I was planning to meet someone in Richmond next week, and I was looking up directions to Sacred Grounds...and I found your blog.

    If it weren't for you, we would have met outside a closed shop...and we would have been forced to settle for Starbucks.

    Your post was also well-written, by the way.


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