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In a few weeks, I'm presenting at the Blog Indiana 2008 conference, and my first session is on "blogging basics." My hope is that anyone with any comfort level around blogs and website tools will be able to leave the session with what they need to know to start blogging that day.

I'm putting together my own notes and tools for bloggers just starting out, but I thought I would also put the question out to you, constant readers, about what tips, tools and conventions you would have found useful or even essential when you first entered the world of blogging? Even if you're not an active blogger, I'd still enjoy hearing your thoughts on how you think blogs (especially newly formed ones) can be made more useful, engaging, exciting, etc.

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

2 thoughts on “Request for tips on blogging basics

  1. Perhaps one reason you haven't received input (well, so far, here, at least) is that your readers trust you to give an intelligent and helpful presentation without our help. That strikes me as a pretty good place to be.

    But since I've started typing, I'll just observe what I've disliked about such talks elsewhere: Most of the How-to-blog talks I've witnessed have been of the form, "I think everybody should be just like me and have a blog just like mine, and here's how!" As an atypical blog writer, I have found such instructions grating.

    Fortunately I don't think you would do that. So this comment is less about suggesting presentation material than about acknowledging that I read this post. Sort of like announcing to the blogging universe, "Sir, I exist."


  2. I would say write about what you love, and what you know. If you do that, your content will most likely draw larger amounts of readers. Additionally, your blog can give you a sense of self-accomplishment and personal growth if your content follows what you're most passionate about.

    I've also come to notice that personalization of content (ie, telling about your own experience with fixing a flat tire, rather than just telling someone how to fix their flat) will bring loyal readers who want to know what you're up to next, and will also spark more comments on your posts.

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