Arrived in Quito

(Please note, because of the time that has passed since I wrote this article, it may no longer reflect my current views or the most accurate and complete information available on this subject.)

After a very long day of travel, we're in our cute little hotel in Quito. Flights all went fine, despite being an hour late arriving in Atlanta.  Giving every passenger their own personal entertainment center on the seat back in front of you certainly calms the masses and makes long hours in a seat more bearable - hey, I finally got to see Avatar.  The most harrowing part of the day was the 10 minute cab ride from the airport here - yikes.

We're thankful for safe travel, a nice bed, and the adventures ahead!  Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Arrived in Quito

  1. Hurray!

    Those of us, okay, those of me, who live vicariously through your trip reports are (am) happy for the adventure progress report.

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