The Throat of Fire speaks!

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We might have mentioned that Banos is located at the base of a volcano, Tungurahua (which means "throat of fire" in the local tongue). Well, literally at the moment we were pulling out of town this morning, that volcano erupted. As in, the road we were on closed as we were on it, police cars and ambulances sped by, and we saw the ash cloud forming behind us. The locals pretty much dropped what they were doing to line up along the road to watch, so we knew it was a big deal. Exciting!

The road was eventually opened at least temporarily, and we sped off into the hills (and we made it to Otavalo where I write from). Do we have good timing or what?

2 thoughts on “The Throat of Fire speaks!

  1. Good timing, and your faithful readers are glad you're okay.

    Was this what you meant when you wrote "Adventure awaits!" before you left?

  2. Does this not harken back to the dream Chris describes in the "packing" post (closed road, officials milling about, etc.)? Do you hire out, Chris?

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