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WordCamp-Dayton-2016-LogoI'll be speaking at the upcoming WordCamp Dayton 2016, happening March 4-5, 2016 at Wright State University. I'll be talking about "WordPress as your digital home," a topic I've thought about for a long time and blogged about recently:

There are tons of places to put your content, but not all of them give you the control and ownership you should have. Your WordPress site is still probably the best place to call home for your online creations. In this session I’ll show you why that is, walk through tools and techniques for using WordPress as your digital home while pushing content out to other places, and answer your questions about how to build an online presence that is fully yours.

I've spoken at quite a few technical and non-technical conferences over the years, but this will be my first talk at a WordCamp, the series of informal, community-organized conferences that focus on all things WordPress. Now having attended or volunteered at WordCamps in Dayton, St. Louis, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Sofia, Bulgaria, I've come to appreciate the way they draw in people from all backgrounds and affiliations with WordPress for a few days of learning, networking and collaboration.

I look forward to contributing to the WordPress community in this new way. If you're in the region and can join us, tickets are on sale now!

Updated March 9, 2016 to add: I had a great time at WordCamp Dayton and hope those who attended my talk found it helpful. My slides are below:

Download (PDF, 2.29MB)

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