Arresting journalists, preventing protest

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Journalist Amy Goodman, along with two other members of her crew, were roughed up and arrested at the Republican National Convention despite clearly displaying their press credentials.  Other journalists hoping to provide media coverage of the convention and the protests around it were pre-emptively arrested before it even began.  And of course, many other people attempting to protest peacefully at both major-party conventions were rounded up, assaulted, arrested and more.  For anyone who still had some shred of hope that the media have the ability (let alone the interest) to cover actions and speech that dissent from the mainstream, these incidents may not leave you with much hope left.

Here's an interview PBS did with Goodman about her arrest, including video from the scene:

One thought on “Arresting journalists, preventing protest

  1. this is so frightening. and what's even more frightening is that it's not making mainstream news!
    does that imply that those in the news media don't really care? that some people think this is justified?
    the PATRIOT Act encourages this behavior, and neither Obama nor McCain have any intention of appealing the PATRIOT Act. in fact, they both voted for it, right?

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