Chris wins in the primary!

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In today's primary election, the citizens of Richmond made a choice about who they want to help shape the future of this community in the coming years. I'm grateful that in that process, voters have chosen me to continue on to the general election in the Fall as a candidate for City Council At-Large!

Some highlights from the unofficial results:

  • 14.46% of Richmond's registered voters voted
  • 54.92% of those voting chose a Democratic ballot over a Republican ballot
  • 791 of those voted for me to be one of the three Democratic candidates for City Council At-Large in the fall general election

This has been my first foray into politics, and it's been an incredibly rewarding journey so far. As I've walked through neighborhoods in Richmond, I've had a chance to hear from residents here what issues matter most to them. As I've sat down with community leaders and decision-makers, I've learned about the complexities of building a thriving city in tough economic times. As I've talked with supporters and members of the media, I've enjoyed being challenged to communicate my hopes and views concisely and authentically. In these last few months I've come to appreciate how much important work there is to do in this great town, and how many opportunities we have to make it better.

Today's win would not have been possible without the gracious support and enthusiasm of those who have lent their time and talents to my campaign in many forms.

Thank you to everyone who has approached me over the last few years to encourage me to run for office.

Thank you to everyone who put a yard sign up or passed out brochures to your friends and neighbors. I know that for many of you, this was the first time you have publicly endorsed a political candidate of any sort, and I'm honored by that.

Thank you to everyone who gave financial support to my campaign. Your donations helped get the word out in tangible, effective ways.

Thank you to my fellow candidates for putting yourselves out there for public scrutiny in the name of service to this community. Win or lose, your time and effort has benefited Richmond.

Thank you to the Palladium-Item for helping voters to learn about the candidates, and to other media outlets like for covering the election.

Thank you to the many government officials and past candidates who helped me navigate the rules and customs of local elections.

Thank you to my friends and coworkers who have endured my unusual schedule and slightly scattered demeanor of the last few months.

Thank you to my family members who have cheered me on from a distance.

Thanks to other individuals who have made special contributions of their time and talents: My mom, Cynthia Hardie; Dan Kasztelan; Don Stosberg; Emily Palmer; Roland Kreager; Brett Stewart; Justin O'Brien; Len and Mary Jo Clark and Alison Zajdel.

A very special thank you goes to my fiancee Kelly, who not only signed on for the ridiculous arrangement of planning a wedding together while also running a campaign, but who tirelessly delivered yard signs, walked door to door, showed up at events, helped me refine my positions and strategy, and challenged me to be the best candidate I could be while supporting and loving me all the way.

Thank you, all.

In the coming months, the conversations I've been a part of in this campaign will continue on an even larger scale, and I'm excited and ready for that new challenge.

Stay tuned to this website and my campaign email mailing list to learn how you can join me in moving Richmond forward.

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  1. Congratulations Chris! Richmond is very lucky to have such a dedicated and talented servant!

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