A Pledge to Voters

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This post is more than 3 years old.

As a part of conversation amongst candidates for office in this election, some of us found that there was a common theme emerging about our emphasis on and commitment to honoring and upholding basic principles of elected office.

That conversation has resulted in the creation of "A Pledge to Voters" - a promise that myself and several other candidates - including Libertarian candidate Matt Hisrich and Republican candidate Misty Hollis - are making as a way of indicating our commitment to honesty, diligence, transparency and respect. We might hope that these values are a given for our elected officials, but in today’s political climate I think it’s important to reaffirm our commitment to them, especially as we ask for the public trust in return.

The full text of the pledge is below.  I thank Matt and Misty for their commitments today, and I would encourage all of my fellow candidates for Council to sign on to this pledge, even at this late stage of the campaign, to show their commitment to these values if they are elected or re-elected.

A Pledge to Voters


Both in the campaign and in office, we will strive to truthfully explain our positions and actions in clear and straightforward language. As part of this effort we will neither over- or undersell the capabilities and limitations of our offices to bring about change in the community.


We recognize that a vote for any one of us represents a trust placed in the candidate to fulfill the duties of the Common Council office. This trust will not be taken lightly, but instead will be met with a strong commitment of time, energy, and effort to best represent and carry out the wishes of voters. This diligence includes a pledge to work toward delivering the highest quality of service to local residents at the least cost and therefore a full examination of budgeting priorities and solutions.

Transparency and Public Input

In addition to discussion of matters on the agenda at Committee of the Whole meetings of the Council, we will actively seek input from Richmond citizens through engagement with the media, online social networking, public meetings, and one-on-one conversations. The feedback we receive will be taken seriously and inform our actions as representatives.

Mutual Respect Among Elected Officials

We recognize that any elected official, regardless of party affiliation, has been put into office by citizens desiring that official to represent their views. As such, we will conduct our business with the understanding that all voices on the Council merit respect and deserve our attention and consideration.

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